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Bonus Features Only

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Bonus Features Only

9 Videos

  • Peace Queer - SuperFan

    In 2008 we decided to join Todd on a bus tour in support of his EP Peace Queer. It took less than 48 hours for us to admit to ourselves that we didn't have the grit to be touring musicians.

    We shot around the clock trying to get to the bottom of Todd's recent abduction and unlawful imprison...

  • Tension SuperFan

    Brad and I first me Todd Snider in NYC in 2002.
    We shot for 17 hours that first day making a music video for "Stuck All Night".
    At the time I asked Todd not to smoke pot during the shoot because "we might see it in his eyes".
    That seems pretty silly to me now.

    We struck up a friendship on t...

  • Dope is Dope

    This is a song about Dave Roe's blues.

  • Hard Times

    check out more Tanya Montana Coe at

  • If I Could

    This song is on John Prine's "Live on Tour".

  • Shame On You

    check out more of Tanya's music at

  • Suffer A Fool

    Peter Cooper is also an author.

  • You Can't Save Everybody

    You can't save everybody.
    Everybody don't want to be saved.

  • Volcano

    What do you call it when you get so stoned, you don't even know how to believe?